The Key To Avoiding Physical and Mental Burnout? Create a Schedule
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How To Avoid Physical and Mental Burnout

When we’re working long hours week in and week out, we get fatigued. Throw a daily workout into the mix and we’re heading towards burnout.

Luckily, there’s a cure. It’s called moderation. The only problem is, how do we infuse this concept into our daily schedule? The answer is, not easily.

It starts by tallying up the amount of time we need to finish our tasks, aka to be productive. The best way to do this is to measure your productivity for about one week, factoring how much of that time you’re wasting. Then you should take that information to create a “true” schedule for the following week…

Here’s the key.

Burnout happens when we try to cram a million tasks into our 24-hr window. A true schedule looks to curb burnout by accounting for ONLY the actual hours we spend working. So if you’re typically slated to work 10 hours/day, but only doing around 6 hours of work, then schedule yourself to work 6 hours/day. This keeps you on point and accountable for the hours you give yourself. It also opens up your schedule for exercise.

… Then you can pencil in a morning or evening gym session, run, or participation event (ie soccer, basketball, some kind of sport).

But even here you don’t need to workout hardcore every day. Try working out around 3-4 times per week to keep your body and mind fresher.

Is scheduling not your only hindrance? Are you also just NOT motivated to exercise in general? Maybe it’s because you find it boring (I know I do). So then take up a sport!

And if you’re saying, “but I don’t like any sports,” then try boxing—or kickboxing. Yes these are still sports, but they also strengthen your mind in a big way and teach you how to be tough. Or, if you’d rather not screw up your face, you can try something low impact like tennis or soccer—or if you really hate moving around, softball.

Once you find an exercise you enjoy doing—and you’re able to stick with it—you should notice a clear difference in the way you feel about work, life, and your relationships.

There’s also well-documented evidence that people who set a proper schedule earn more money.

It’s no mystery that organized people prosper, but the most difficult part is starting. Once you’re in, your mental and physical well-being will take massive strides forward.

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