Designing The Perfect Workout Plan is Essential to Seeing Results

A Workout Plan Without The “Plan” Part is Doomed

“I workout bruh, everyday!”

“Oh really? What kind of workouts do you do on each day?”

“I don’t know man, just whatever I’m feelin’.”


A workout plan without an actual “plan” is nothing more than a physical annoyance. To get results, one must set an actionable path in motion geared towards reaching their ideal gains.

Keep a Food Diary

Yes, it’s boring, tedious, and seemingly unnecessary, but a food diary is an important way of tracking the calories you’re intaking each day. It makes your job of exercising a lot easier by knowing exactly how many calories you must burn to lose weight from the food you’ve eaten.

Even before you create the food diary itself, there’s an element of strategic planning involved. You must decide which foods you’re going to purchase at the grocery store ensuring that they correctly align within your calories constraints.

What Kind of Training Am I Doing?

It’s a simple question but knowing the reason for why you’re training is essential to training properly. Are you a swimmer? You’ll want to spend a solid amount of time hitting the rowing machine to work on your shoulders. Then you’ll want to head over to the leg press to buff up your kickers!

Training for basketball? Hit the squats, the spin bike, and do some core work.

Knowing exactly what you’re supposed to be doing in the gym is vital to seeing results. There’s nothing more silly than wandering aimlessly from machine to machine not really knowing what to do next. Don’t be a confused Larry, scratching his head over whether to lift free weights or run on the treadmill.

FUN FACT: There have been so many times where I’ve wasted my life jogging on the treadmill because I had no idea what I wanted to do in the gym. Don’t be me!

Know Your Limits

Don’t feel like you need to spend hours in the gym every single day. Give yourself the appropriate amount of recovery time after a hard workout.

To avoid exhaustion, dedicate certain days to specific areas of the body. Did you wonder where “leg day” came from?

When creating a fitness plan, don’t feel like you need to schedule it out weeks ahead of time. Instead, focus on developing a routine that is so solid and stable that you automatically just do it every week.

It’s a lot easier than you probably think it is, so why complicate things?

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