Lululemon Meditation? Get a Load of This 2017 Trend Sweeping The Nation

One Clothing Company Opens a Meditation Space in NYC

If there’s one thing that people in New York City need more than the rest of us, it’s a dose of relaxation every now and then. Lululemon is helping them out by opening a ‘meditation space’ where customers can experience some benefits of yoga away from their sweaty mats.


Ready for this one? It’s called a “Mindfulosophy Space,” and it’s intention is to bring the elements of a Zen garden into one of the city’s busiest areas—midtown. Sitting right across the street from Rockefeller Center, the place where Al Roker talks about the weather, this place is taking over the entire second floor of a building. That’s right, you and your friends can sit side by side by side by side and start getting into their psychedelic headspace.

Zen Pods

Down for the pod life? In this facility, you get to kick back and relax in individual pods… For FREE. I know right? I was not expecting that, I mean you can’t usually get that kind of thing in New York City but hey, no complaints here.

There are 12 different self-guides you can listen from in these zen pods recorded by Danielle Nagel, the company’s director of mindful performance, and Tom Waller, the head of its Whitespace Innovation Lab.

Lululemon’s foray into the wellness universe is no surprise. 2017 is seeing the fusion of fitness and wellness in general, with Instagram being the most common platform where it starts.

Fitness alone isn’t a direct path to healthier living. Success requires an improved well-being. Individuals must start focusing on the mental component of their routine, and meditation is a great way to do so.

The space’s location couldn’t have been more expertly planned. It’s right across from some of the busiest landscape in the entire western world, producing quite an interesting dichotomy between life out on the street and life inside the walls of meditation land (I think that’s a way better name, and not just because I came up with it).

To be clear, this meditation area is within a regular Lululemon store. The first floor contains all of your favorite clothing options, in case that’s the reason you’re there. There’s no doubt that in Lululemon’s eyes, they see this as a catalyst for sales.

Next up? Lululemon is set to open up a meditation area in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. They will host weekly rooftop fitness classes at the William Vale Hotel.

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