Dancing Makes You Younger, Or So It Seems To Be That Way
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Dancing Helps You Remain a Youngster?

Trying to remain youthful is the goal of just about everybody.

But how?! It’s so hard! Father time stops for no one!

Well, a new study from Medical News Today indicates that it might not be impossible to retain your youth… if you know how to boogie.

Medical News Today has released a report finding that physical activity later in a person’s life, in particular, dancing, can help reverse the signs of brain aging.

This information falls in line with previous studies that concluded how moderate to high-intensity exercise resulted in a slower decline in memory and thinking capabilities.

But what this new study adds is a dancing twist. It turns out that exercise alone is okay, but exercising for a fun reason is even better.

It keeps people feeling upbeat, youthful and exuberant. Three things I could certainly use more of in my life, I don’t know about the rest of you.

The recent study utilized 52 healthy adults aged 63-80 years old, with each participant randomly assigned to one of two different exercise groups for 18 months.

One of the groups did a 90-minute dancing lesson each week for 18 months while the other group did 90 minutes of strength-endurance training each week.

Researchers noted that physical activity varied between the two groups. For example, the dance group faced new routines each week while the strength-endurance training group’s activities were quite repetitive.

So it turns out that dancing helps stimulate cognitive functions. It makes sense, I mean, we have to learn these dance moves before we can do them successfully.

In other words, it’s a win-win. On the mental and the physical fronts.

Dancers showed the greater increase in hippocampal volume as a result of their workouts, more than the strength-training groups.

Should you do one or the other? Why not do both? Yes, you can totally do both types of workouts. It comes down to your bones and joints. If you can’t physically handle strength-training, don’t force yourself into it. On the other hand, if you simply don’t like dancing very much, well then go away. I don’t wanna know you. Just kidding.

It’s always important to find a workout that a) benefits you, and b) you enjoy doing. Once you discover that beautiful sweet spot, then life just went from good to great. You’re welcome.

As far as what dance you should learn? From personal experience, salsa dancing has made me sweat more than eating a pepper in August.

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