What is the Health and Wellness Industry All About?
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What is Health and Wellness All About and is it a Scam?

Let’s be real for a second, okay? Fitness and ‘the fitness industry’ are two different things. The former is the real act of exercising, losing weight, building muscle, and conditioning your body on a regular basis. The latter is a money-making enterprise consisting of a different fad each year.

But, occasionally there’s overlap between the two. Health and wellness is a perfect example of this Venn diagram-like effect. It’s become a massive business, even within the already massive fitness industry, but it’s also an authentic lifestyle choice at its core.

In case you weren’t aware, the monicker health and wellness combines fitness elements with healthy eating principles and nutrition.

It comprises about $3.7 trillion of the world economy, and as we can see, this figure is destined to grow. Here’s some information courtesy of the Global Wellness Institute:

Health and wellness diagram

Source: Global Wellness Institute

Part of the reason for its massive explosion is that few people know how to classify it. According to the above chart, health and wellness has roots in the beauty & anti-aging industry (a $1 trillion industry in its own right), and it branches off to several other areas.

Another factor responsible for its explosion is the equally huge explosion of e-commerce and private label sellers who market health & beauty products. Of course, they’re obviously responding to the massive demand for those products, but the point is that health and wellness goods have never been easier to buy—they’re just one Amazon or Shopify click away.

Coaching is another area where health and wellness have exploded—I’ll likely write more on this subject in the coming weeks. Next time you log into Facebook or peruse Instagram, make note of all the gurus, coaches, and consultants offering their services. Again, this is merely a response to the explosion on the demand side of the business. If the demand wasn’t there, these coaches would be living in their folk’s basement—or maybe they still are? It’s hard to know sometimes.

To be clear, there are many people who are offering tainted or scammy services. But does this indict the entire health and wellness industry as a whole? Nope. It just means you have to really start digging to learn the truth. Sort of like fake news, you have to double, triple, and quadruple confirm your advisor before diving in too hard into this business.

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