Why Running In The City Can Be So Much Fun! Yes, Really!
Running through the city

Using The City As Your Running Track

Treadmills are lame. Just had to say it. There’s nothing more boring than running into a wall, time and time again. To find motivation and become more connected with the city you live, you should make a concerted effort to run outdoors. It keeps things interesting, no doubt.

Get To Know Your Area

You should get to know your area for many reasons. Among them, safety is a biggie. Even if you live in a rather upscale area, you must be aware of your surroundings.

Getting to know your area is also important so that you can find new places to go and new things to do. Especially if you live in a medium to large city, you’ll be surprised by the amount of new stuff you can discover.

Meet New People

Even if you’re in a “zone” so to speak, where you’ve got your headphones on and you’re tuning out everyone else, you still might encounter some interesting folks along your route.

Take your headphones off every so often and don’t be afraid to speak to people. You might help show a tourist to their destination, make a new friend, or meet a potential significant other. You just never know!


Wherever you are, there’s got to be some kind of scenery worth viewing. Whether it’s a river, a mountain, or a cool building, enjoy the stuff around you. Because, why not?

Tracking Your Route

The iPhone is great for tracking a workout, and there are about a bazillion apps to help you do so. One of my favorites is MapMyRun which lets you program in any kind of cardio workout. Here’s a screenshot of a run I did recently through Lower Manhattan:

map my run

Yes, it took me almost an hour to run 4 miles, but there were a lot of breaks involved. I’d like to see you do better! Okay, you probably can do a lot better. This isn’t a competition, anyway.

But it CAN be a competition if you’d like it to be. That’s the beauty of these fitness apps—they encourage runners to venture out and about in their communities and directly compete against one another. Because there’s nothing wrong with a little competition in life, right?

So do yourself a favor and explore the great outdoors, before summer ends! Who knows, you might make some new friends along the way.

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