How Good is Bee Pollen For You? Very, Very, Very Good
bee pollen

Is Bee Pollen Really All It’s Cracked Up To Bee?

Have you ever walked through a Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s and seen bee pollen sitting there on the shelf? Maybe next time you should go ahead and purchase it? As it turns out, bee pollen has many health benefits that we can enjoy.


We hear the word antimicrobial in reference to hand sanitizers and soaps, as a type of germ-murdering agent. This is obviously why we love it. Antimicrobials destroy microorganisms at their source, preventing them from growing any further. Bee pollen happens to be chock full of antimicrobials.


Another good anti- is called antiviral. Just as you’d imagine based on the word, this protects against viruses. Bee pollen strengthens your capillaries, stimulates the immune system, and lowers overall cholesterol levels at a natural rate.

Amino Acids

There’s nothing like fresh bee pollen for giving you a wide variety of amino acids, providing you the building blocks of protein required to construct each cell in your skin, bones, and organs.

Active Enzymes

With over 100 active enzymes found in bee pollens, there are a plethora of health benefits to behold. Enzymes can help combat various diseases, cancer, and arthritis.


For those who have issues with inflammation, bee pollen might be your bestie. Keep the swelling and inflammation down by taking bee pollen as you see fit.

Most of the bee pollen you’ll see in stores was harvested in corn fields. All this really means is that you won’t find the same diverse floral look that you’d see in pollen taken from a field of wildflowers.

The best suggestion is to use the highest-quality pollen, courtesy of your local beekeeper. A lot of the bee pollen that is available commercially is heated to make it shelf-stable.

Now to the most common uses of bee pollen…

Strengthening Immune System Functionality

We all want our immune system to be healthier and working better overall, duh. Bee pollen is one of the many tools one can use to accomplish this.

Fertility Booster

Guys, listen up! If you’re trying to have a baby with your wife but are shooting blanks, you must tap into the world of bee pollen.


On the topic of fertility, there’s this aspect. Of course, longevity doesn’t only apply to fertility, but it is a large part of it. Anyway…

That’s it! Hope you’re plenty nice to your local bees and respectful of the things they give you, aka pollen.

Even big-time celebrities are singing its praises.

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