How Million Dollar Listing Has Very a Positive Fitness Message

How ‘Million Dollar Listing’ Encourages You to Work Out Early

Who knew that a show about real estate would be jammed pack with fitness inspiration? This is certainly the case with Million Dollar Listing: New York. The Bravo TV reality show, currently airing its sixth season, certainly infuses this health aspect into the narrative.

It starts with Ryan Serhant, one of the main brokers on the show, who records videos of him waking up at 4 am to go to the gym each day. He says he likes to get his day started so early to get a jump on his competition.

By 7 am he’s back home from his workout and already preparing for his first property showings of the day. With the price points they’re dealing with there’s no doubt that the stress level is high, so the morning workout is Ryan’s way of alleviating his burden.

4:31 AM. I woke up this morning with so much on my mind. We've started production on #SellItLikeSerhant which is insane. Work is crazy busy. I really really had to pee. But I was mostly thinking about why I wake up so early. My gut instinct is always to go back to sleep. 1 more hour. 2 more hours. Hell, I'm my own boss. I'm a real estate agent. Maybe I'll just take the day off and watch TV and eat lucky charms! But then I'm always reminded of what my Dad told me when I first came to NYC and got into real estate. I was living at 20 Pine downtown and we were in my living room, and I was complaining about being tired and working all the time and how it wasn't fair. I wanted weekends off. I wanted to sleep. And I wanted my parents to make me feel better and tell me it was all ok and I didn't have to work so hard because I'm such a good boy. And then my Dad cut me off and said, "Stop right there. Do you think that I ever WANTED to wake up early and go to work everyday? No. I WANTED to sleep in. I WANTED to hang out. But that wasn't the job." It may seem weird, but that moment blew my mind. I had always just assumed that my Dad liked waking up at 5:50 AM and it was sort of his thing. But the moment he said that to me changed my life. It reinforced that everything we do is a choice. And if you're not making your own choices, then you're someone else's soldier. So get up, get your blood pumping, know your competition at work is still in bed with their blankie, thank God you're alive, and let's #GetIt #READYSETGO

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Many of his followers are fellow brokers or salespeople of sorts, and they identify with his work ethic. Many of his comments are “thank you” messages from his biggest fans.

Ryan Serhant Instagram comment

Oh man is it easy to go back to bed when that alarm goes off at 4:30, 5, 5:30, or even 6 for some of us (guilty), but Ryan shows millions of TV viewers and hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers that anything is possible if you make those necessary sacrifices.

Ryan is the most prominent of the brokers to promote his fitstyle life, if you will, but the others aren’t exactly oafs.

Steve Gold, the newest broker to join the show, was a model during his twenties before entering the real estate business. Needless to say, he keeps himself in solid shape.

Steve Gold real estate

Yes, it’s reality TV. The expectation is for the entire cast to look stunning. But it also makes for some great motivation among viewers. While you don’t have to earn yourself a twelve pack, you can at least get motivated by watching these guys go to work.

They’re in great shape because they work extremely hard at it, much like they work extremely hard to sell properties in New York City. When the competition is always breathing down your throat, you have to work tirelessly to get an edge. That obviously carries over into the gym.

Fredrik Eklund, the oldest of the three, never really talks about his fitness. Although it’s pretty clear he finds time in between listing appointments to put some work in.

Fredrik Eklund

The bottom line is that no matter what business you’re doing, or career path you’ve decided on, you have to put the work in—not just into your profession, but into all areas of your life.

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