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How To Handle Leg Day Like A Beast

Legs are an important part of any fitness regimen. We all know this, and we all hate it. But it doesn’t have to be all bad. There are a few simple rules we can follow to make sure we are strengthening our legs and having fun doing it. As adopted from Bill Geiger at Body, here are a few “laws” to nail your leg training program.

Take it From Squats

Like building a house, we start with the foundation, squats. Do this before getting to the other body parts of your workout. You’ll feel fresh and better able to crush them, and see progress.

Squats are an all-in-one motion. You bend both knees, accelerate up, and you’re good. Okay, maybe it’s not THAT easy, but you get the message. It’s a more direct process than doing individual legs.

Give Yourself a Day Off In-Between

It’s important for your muscles to heal and rebuild after an intense leg workout. Especially when you haven’t pushed your legs in awhile.

Don’t be afraid of taking a day off here and there, as this will help you recuperate and rebuild your muscles for the next time around.

If you work out your legs one to two times per week, this will provide you with plenty of relaxation time to place your best foot forward (or leg forward).

Hyper-Focus Leg Subsets

Huh? All this means is that you’d work out different parts of your legs on different days. It’s really for those individuals who are super duper serious about their entire legs, aka bodybuilders or potentially football players.

Get Your Mind Right

Bill Geiger stresses the idea of mental strength above all else, and it couldn’t be more true to the idea of leg success. Getting your brain disciplined and dedicated to a regular leg schedule is the first step towards ultimately seeing results.

It’s not rocket science, it’s just a matter of forcing your brain into a particular mindset that will suit your objectives.

For those who are just beginning their workout journey, start by fine-tuning your core, then transition into swapping arms and legs every other day.

Maintain a journal to document your progress over the course of days, weeks, and months. You can also use this to schedule your workouts within those same time parameters.

Who knows, within a few months’ time you could end up like this guy…

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