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Why Dating Fitness-Obsessed People is Boring

We always hear about how “sexy” and “delicious” fit people look. And while this might be true, most of us never have to live with them and deal with their idiosyncrasies on a daily basis. It turns out that being super dedicated to one’s fitness is a grueling task. One that requires nearly around the clock dedication, and equates to having little or no fun. The only thing worse than having to adhere to these standards? Dating someone who has to. Here’s why.

Eating Meals Out

Fitness people can’t eat, or so it seems. They are a NIGHTMARE to take out on a date since everything has to be low-calorie & gluten-free & not red meat & sugar-free. All food items that meet these qualifications are either exorbitantly expensive or simply not available. It’d be simpler to ask them to bring their own dinner out with you, while you order from the menu.

Leaving The Kitchen A Mess

Being fit means eating messy things, like smoothies, protein shakes, and weird milky concoctions. Undoubtedly your kitchen will begin to smell like a fruit factory after a few of these liquid meals, and you’ll probably find your sink awash in nastiness.

Waking You Up Early To Workout

If you enjoy waking up past 6 am, sorry. Your partner will have an alarm go off promptly at 5:45 so they can head to the gym by 6:15 at the latest. Your only recourse is to learn how to easily fall back to sleep. Otherwise, you’re going to be dragging through life. If you’re unlucky enough, your partner might try and coerce you to join them. Oh, joy.

Always Training For Something

Super fit people are seemingly in a perpetual state of training. It’s weird. Regardless of whether there are any events taking place, they always claim to be getting prepared for something. You’ll hear things like, “I have a half-marathon in five months, I need to start THIS week.” It’s borderline OCD behavior. In fact, it could even be full-blown OCD behavior. It’s hard to tell.

Prone to Gimmicks

Fitness people are also prone to lame gimmicks. They’ll jump in feet first into the newest GMC product or herbal remedy, and if it doesn’t work, they’ll try another.

This isn’t to say that fitness is bad, we’re speaking more to the obsessive individuals. Anything that becomes an obsession is toxic to a healthy relationship and ultimately becomes a boring routine to the significant other.

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