4 Simple Golf Workouts That Will Take Your Game To New Heights
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4 Simple Golf Workouts Aimed To Improve Your Game

People don’t necessarily equate golfers with buff Adonises, but like any sport it’s moving in the direction of fitness. Even recreational golfers are following suit, spending extra time in the gym or working out at home to improve their strength. Everyone wants to hit the ball farther, have more energy on the course, and feel more confident about their game. Here are some very simple golf workouts aimed to help you succeed.

Arm Raises Against Wall

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Stand against a wall, preferably with tons of space around you to either side. Raise your arms next to your head then raise them up and over your head, touching your fingers together at the top. This will stretch and strengthen your shoulders. Try to do at least 5 sets of 5 reps—it will be challenging at first but will quickly get easier.

Medicine Ball Toss

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To strengthen your core, making your swings faster and more powerful, it’s good to train with a medicine ball. You can either toss it against the wall or toss it back and forth with a workout partner. The key is to keep your knees bent and be sure to rotate your torso close to 180 degrees to maximize the effort. You should start at about a 90 degree angle away from the wall.

Standing Forward Fold

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Popularized in yoga class, the standing forward fold is a great stretch for your legs and torso, especially for those stalwarts among us who choose to walk every course. The important thing to remember is to HOLD the pose for at least one minute. Otherwise, it’s largely useless.

The 90/90 Stretch

90 90 golf workout

Shoulder flexibility is the name of the game here. Simply lie on one side of your body like you’re going to sleep; bend the top knee and keep the bottom knee straight, then slowly open up your body. If you’re doing things right, you’ll feel a nice little stretch in your shoulders and upper torso.

Bench Press, Partial

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This isn’t your high school football style bench press. You won’t be lifting 250 lbs or anything. This is a one arm dumbbell bench press designed to build strength in one shoulder at a time. You’ll lie down on a bench, keeping half your body dangling off (the side with the arm you’re lifting with). Then lift the dumbbell up and bring it down so that it’s horizontal with your shoulder.

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