Should Man Leggings Really Become A Thing? Like, Ever?

Should Men Wear Leggings? If So, Which Kind?

Fashion sense is common sense. But in the case of workout attire, there doesn’t seem to be common sense. It’s more like, whatever floats your boat is totally okay. Take leggings for instance. They are becoming more unisex than ever these days, which makes us wonder… should guys really be dabbling in them? The answer is a resounding yes.

Yoga Time!

Men are doing yoga at record-high numbers, meaning that for the first time in, ever, they need the clothes to boot. Thus, we believe that leggings are not just okay for men to wear, they are 100% necessary.

men leggings

That’s why Meggings Man Clothing was invented. This company apparently has the needs of all physically flexible men at heart.

Created in Chicago, IL, the company prides itself on manufacturing “high quality alternative apparel options for men.” But its flagship item are the meggings. Owners Andrew and Adam tell their website visitors, “stick around, get inspired and say hi.”

Indeed, these leggings are quite inspiring. So inspiring that they’ve inspired other retailers to follow suit. This one courtesy of Eastbay is one of my favorites. It’s certainly different looking.

The flames make it look like you’re fast, even if you’re slow like me. Not sure what being fast has to do with yoga but it’s a nice impression to make.

Leggings aren’t relegated to yoga class. Some of the world’s finest athletes are giving them a shot.

It turns out that leggings make for great compression pants, helping players hold their muscles in place while they do freakish things on the court or field.

The jury’s out as to whether this is truly safe and effective, but it looks really cool.

At this point, it’s largely just a fad without much real merit. If websites like Meggings Man clothing continue to grow, and gain endorsements from some top athletes along the way, this fad could turn into the norm.

So what’s the verdict: should men REALLY wear leggings? The answer is yes. But you might want to offset them with some bulging arm muscles. Just sayin’.

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