Waking Up Early And Exercising Early Can Change Your Life

Rise and Shine: How To Wake Up Early And Workout Early

Have you watched the show Million Dollar Listing: New York? It’s about realtors selling exorbitantly expensive properties all over New York City. The three featured in the show are three of the best in the business—a business with 60,000 licensed real estate agents in New York City alone. In order to be a top broker you have to be a really good salesperson, but you also have to work insane hours. Almost to the point of being physically impossible.


It is possible, if you live a disciplined life. Take top broker Ryan Serhant—he’s awake and in the gym everyday by 5 a.m.

Here’s how he describes his daily routine:

Yes, it sounds a tad crazy.

But there’s definitely something to be said for waking up early. The way I see it, it’s like starting a race before the other runners, only it’s not cheating. This is can be massive when navigating through the business world, trying to capture a leg up on your competitors each day—it stimulates productivity and keeps you disciplined to a given routine.

But how do you do it? What is this elusive time on my clock that reads 5 a.m., or even 4:30 a.m.? Here’s how:

Have Coffee Ready, Already

There’s nothing more painful than trying to wake up and leave the house without coffee inside you, and when you’re waking up well before sunrise, it’s nearly impossible. The key is to have your machine already pre-loaded with your coffee grounds and the water totally filled up to the right line. All you should have to do is push the button. And if you’re using a K-cup machine it’s even easier.

The goal is to have your coffee in front of your face instantly when you wake up. A little caffeine boost will get you into your workout clothes more quickly and get you out the door.

Workout in Pairs

Some of the best motivation comes from having a gym partner. If both of you are aiming to get up early but neither one can do it alone, this might be a way to hold one another accountable. The greatest encouragement comes from other people texting and calling your phone at the crack of dawn to let you know you have to be somewhere.

And of course, having a partner in the gym to spot you never hurts either. Accountability is vital.

Remember That Someone is Working Harder Than You

This goes back to our earlier point about starting the proverbial race ahead of your competition. If you’re awake at 4 a.m., your rival could be up at 3:50 a.m. getting faster, smarter, and stronger than you.

“But shouldn’t I be doing this for my own sake?” Yes, but remembering that life is a competition never hurts for adding extra motivation.

If your life is missing something and you feel that you’re not making strides physically, mentally, or professionally, explore the world of early morning workouts. The adrenaline boost you’ll get will set your mind in the proper state for an amazingly productive day.

Do you have any additional tips people can use to help them rise and shine? Let us know.

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