Jump Rope Workout For The Win? Why Jumping Rope is Underrated
jump rope workout

Make Jump Roping Cool Again

Jump rope workouts used to be all the rage. Kids did them, boxers did them, and people who like to do tricks with the rope did them. But now it seems as if jump roping is a workout of yesteryear. It’s a shame, since jump rope workouts have a lot of inherent benefits.


Every athlete is trying to get quicker and faster on their toes. Jump roping is extremely helpful for this since it forces you to propel off your toes at a rapid pace. It also aids your timing, since you have to ensure you’re not tripping on the rope.

This is the reason why every boxer jumps rope. They want to be able to “float” in the ring and elude their opponents. Obviously.

It also applies to athletes of other sports. Basketball players can improve their defense and quickness by jumping rope, tennis players can navigate the court better, and football running backs can escape tackles with greater ease.

Don’t Need a Ton of Space

You can jump rope indoors, just as long as your space is big enough so that you aren’t hitting it against anything. It’s a great activity for when the weather is too hot or too cold and you don’t feel like braving the elements.

Weight Loss

Everyone’s trying to lose excess pounds from time to time. Regardless of how much weight you’re trying to lose, jump rope workouts can help you break a sweat pretty quickly. Along these lines, you can mix up your variety of routines in order to maximize fat burn.

Here’s what we mean…

Figure Eights, Step Touch, Double Jump, Slalom, etc.

Jump roping the regular way is boring, especially when you could be doing it a bunch of different ways. Figure eights is one of those methods—it involves you standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, holding the jump rope by the handles and moving it from side to side.

The Step Touch is similar to the Figure Eight, only it involves a more circular motion. Then there’s the Slalom which requires you to jump from right to left and back to the right—just like, you know, the Slalom.

And if you’re really up for a challenge, try the Double Jump, which requires that you pass the rope under your feet twice before landing.

Learn What Not To Do

You should also learn how to jump rope before actually jumping rope. Here’s a video that might point you in the right direction.

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