Yoga Safety: How To Maintain Your Health And Prevent Injuries
yoga injuries

Is Yoga A Safe Workout Activity? The Answer Might Astound You

For many fitness people, yoga is their favorite activity above all else. Heck, it’s more than an activity, it’s a full-on lifestyle choice. But is it safe? Does it put unnecessary pressure on certain limbs and muscles which could lead to physical stress and injuries?


Believe it or not, safety begins with the clothing you wear. Make sure it’s not too loose-fitting or too tight; it needs to fit just right. There are many newbies to yoga who try to make fashion statements. Don’t fall into this trap.

Any hardcore yogi will tell you that it’s about comfort. Once you start doing yoga on a regular basis, you’ll understand that firsthand.

Watch Your Wrists

One of the biggest complaints people seem to have is regarding wrist injuries. Supporting your body while on your hands isn’t particularly comfortable, nor is it very good for you in general. The key here is to properly distribute your weight and constantly be re-positioning yourself. Spread your fingers as wide as you can, because even the slightest weight redistribution will help you.

If you suffer from carpal tunnel in general, try to avoid poses that put you in unwanted positions. Simple rule of thumb.

Watch Your Head

When shifting to a pose that involves you placing pressure on your head, be sure to have your hands nearby so you can easily cover yourself. The last thing you want is for a head injury to occur, obviously.

Avoid Back-bends…

If you have a history of chronic back pains or an existing neck injury. Like we’ve said before, anything around or near your head is sensitive goods, and needs to be dealt with as such. But if you truly must do a back-bend, make sure you go into it slowly, and carefully.

Sciatic Nerve

Located in your thigh area, connected to your lower back, it’s typically caused when a herniated disk places pressure on the nerve. To prevent this kind of pain, stretch your legs slowly and carefully and make sure to rest between workouts.

Supplement With Strength Training

Did you know that it’s totally possible to be buff and do yoga? Supplementing your intense stretching with a little bit of strength training is important to maintaining a strong, healthy physique.

You don’t have to get crazy with it. Even some light repetition-based exercise is better than nothing, or some basic resistance-training.

Don’t Get Crazy

A rule of thumb worth following? Don’t get overly crazy in your workouts. Trust.

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