Fitnex is Another in a Long Line of Fitness Planning Tools

In Need of a Workout Planner? Fitnex Might Be The One For You

People often talk about love at first sight when referring to other people, but who’s to say it can’t happen between you and a fitness tracking device? At FitStyleLife, we are a judgment-free zone, meaning you can canoodle all you want with your favorite fitness device and make it feel extra special. No, we’re not talking about anything sexual, get your mind out of the gutter please. We’re simply talking about the elusive quest towards finding a fitness tracking device that lets us plan our workouts to perfection.

This is Fitnex.

Fitness manufacturer introduced it as a FREE fitness and nutrition tracking device a couple months back. It’s very easy to start using, just enter some basic information about yourself and start moving.

The device should help you discover the best, most realistic fitness goals for your temperament and lifestyle. It’s a pretty heavy-duty tool, made in-house by’s development team using the most optimized code from the ground up.

Responsiveness matters when it comes to fitness apps. Whether you’re at the gym or out on a run, wireless coverage is a rare commodity. You need to be able to track, listen to music, track some more, and most importantly, check your emails in-between sets. Although this fitness device doesn’t connect directly to your emails, you get the point.

Knowing variables like calorie burn, heart rate, distance run, and overall exertion are vital to getting the most out of your workout and improving each time. I would argue this is especially important for people who are new to working out, and don’t necessarily know when they’re reaching optimal “burn.”

There are many great exercise devices on the market in 2017; we’re in no way advocating for this particular one. Do your due dilligence when selecting a device, taking into account things like accuracy of data, screen size, whether it fits on your wrist or otherwise, etc.

Being that I’m an old man at heart, I still recommend charting your meals and exercise routine by hand. Create a journal that you can carry with you, it can be small, and don’t forget to bring along a pen.

For those who are still into the Fitbits, click here.

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