How To Perform Fitness At Work, Yes It Really Is Possible
Stretching at your desk

How To Exercise In Your Office When It Doesn’t Seem Possible

It’s actually possible to exercise in your place of business. You’re hearing us correctly. Though workspaces are typically small, there’s plenty of room for creativity if you try hard enough. Here are some ideas the next time you need to get a workout in while at the office—also known as living the ‘fitness at work’ life.

Seated Stretching

Just because you’re sitting down doesn’t mean you can’t workout. In fact, it’s even easier to exercise from this position, in some ways. While typing away on your keyboard you can perform leg raises, lift your arms skyward and stretch your shoulder muscles, or pick up a grip strengthener and star squeezing to improve your hand strength.

Don’t Get Too Comfy Sitting Down

Sure, sitting down for extended periods is part and parcel to any workplace experience. To ensure you don’t fall into the pattern of sitting for TOO long, set a timer on your phone to go off once per hour. At that time, you’ll stand up and take a short walk either outside or to the restroom. It really doesn’t matter where you go. The point is you’re preventing yourself from being continuously inactive.

Improving Posture

Human beings are lazy. No, that’s not a jab at your personally, were talking about laziness in the physiological sense. People tend to crane their necks and slouch forward while staring at a computer screen. That’s bad. The solution is obvious—sit up, keep your head up, and try not to lean forward too much.

Pushing your head forward compresses all the nerves in your noggin and can result in a terrible migraine. That’s why many people feel headaches coming on in the early afternoon; by that time of the day you’ve been sitting in a detrimental for many hours.

Park At A Distance

There’s nothing in the rulebook that says you have to park as close as possible to the building. By parking at a distance, you’ll give yourself a few extra precious steps in the morning and at night. While it isn’t much, remember that these little things can work together to improve your overall health.

Take The Stairs

File this underneath the same category as parking at a distance. Even if your office is on the third or fourth floor, taking the stairs is definitely worth your time and energy.

If anything, these exercises help situate your brain into more of a fitness mindset. This is important, considering that most of us live each day in a relatively unfit environment.

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