Fun Fitness Activities We Can Do With Partners And Get Motivated

Ultra Fun Fitness Activities You Can Do With Friends

Fitness doesn’t have to be an individual sport. In fact, it can be way more fun to do it with friends. It helps us with things like discipline, accountability, and it’s just generally more fun. But what specific exercises are more fun to do with other people?

Here are a few.

Medicine Ball Toss

One of the best workouts for improving your core strength involves tossing a medicine ball back and forth. It’s especially effective for people who are training to play a sport—tennis, baseball, squash, basically anything that involves twisting your hips.

High Five Push Up

Others might look at you guys and be a little creeped out, but who cares. High five push-ups are a fun way to liven up what would otherwise be normal, boring pushups. How do you do them? You set up your gym mats so that you and your partner are facing each other head on, you go down into the pushup, come up, raise your right hand and high five.

Holding The Resistance Band

“Hold my resistance band, bro” doesn’t have the most amazing ring to it, but it is a good way to build strength without needing a machine. All you need is your bro. One of you grasps the handles on one end, while the other holds tightly to the other side. You can do a number of effective arm exercises using resistance—strengthening your shoulders, forearms, biceps, triceps, and beyond.


Remember in school when you’d have to pass a sit-ups test for your physical education requirement? You would alternate having your friends hold down on your feet while you performed the sit-ups, and oftentimes your “friends” would purposely squish your feet. Mine still hurt.


Even something as basic as stretching can be more effective with partners. You can be there to push each other deeper into the stretch, making sure both of you are experiencing the necessary level of pain.


Yep, we’re coming out of left field on this one. But it’s true, boxing is a great test of physical strength, reflexes, intensity, and focus. We’re not imploring you to go into a ring and beat each other to a pulp—unless one of you had an affair with the other’s significant other. Boxing drills can be done wearing full protective headgear and light jabbing back and forth. The key is to improve the aforementioned skills, especially reflexes.

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