Is Running Backwards The Next Fad, Like The Atkins Diet?
running backwards

Back It Up: Is Running Backwards a Good Thing?

Now let’s examine one of the biggest debates of our time: whether or not a person should run backwards? I know, it’s quite controversial. I’m sorry if I offended anyone. If you need a safe space, my basement has more than enough room.

Anyway, running backwards is apparently something that people actually do. Some people at least. And it may even have some benefits.

The main benefit of running backwards is strengthening your muscle tendons in ways that running forward simply won’t do. As it turns out, it is a whole lot harder to make yourself move in the backwards direction than moving forward. Try it for yourself and see.

This amount of brute strength can help you with certain movements like the ability to push off more quickly.

Running backwards is akin to running forward with weights around your ankles. It’s all part of the plan to build muscle. It’s also a lot safer on your knees.

Barreling forward, especially on hard ground, is pretty darn terrible on your knees. As you grow older it only gets worse. So mixing in some backwards running is never a bad idea.

However… BE CAREFUL!

Running backwards is, well, running backwards. You can easily trip over things you can’t see and go flying onto your tailbone. It’s not a good idea unless you’re in a wide open field and nobody is near you. Seriously.

Start out in the most open area possible, then once you feel comfortable, maybe branch out into the streets of your neighborhood. Just keep an eye out for dogs and small children. They can be a doozy.

Once you’ve trained enough, not only will you be a better forward-facing runner, but you can try to compete in backwards running races. The first one took place in Switzerland in 2006.

Looks like fun, right? I might consider installing a back-up camera in front of my face just to be totally safe though. Maybe I can get a left over from Lexus, but fitted for human beings.

But no matter how hard I train running backwards, I’ll never be a beast like this guy. (Sad face)

Wish I could run forward as well as he can run backwards #exercise #running #fitness #backitup #beastmode

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