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Why Relaxation is Overrated, And Why You Should Do It LESS

In kindergarten, teachers routinely require their students to have “nap time” during the day. It makes sense for 5-year olds, who need a minimum of 10 hours of sleep at night plus a small nap during the day. The problem is when this mentally slowly creeps into a person’s adulthood. Not that most adults are taking midday naps—if they do then they’re likely receiving SSI or disability—but there’s a pervasive view among many that every weekday ends at 5pm. Meaning, you should immediately come home from the office and “relax.” Well the results are in and we’ve concluded that relaxation is dumb. Here’s why.


Entrepreneurs work an average of 52 hours a week according to a UK study, and that actually seems rather low-end. Most successful entrepreneurs work A LOT longer than that. 60 hours is probably more realistic. What does this mean? Well, if you’re one of those souls who believes their day ends at 5pm, you’re probably not going to be insanely wealthy. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, in fact, people who are like that are awesome. They make it easier for ambitious people to thrive.

If you polled any western population, they’d probably say that their dream is to make “a lot of money.” One million dollars is the most common figure thrown around. But 99.9% of these people overvalue their relaxation. In other words, they believe that they have to physically decompress after an 8 or 9-hour workday, rather than work on other projects.

Finding Multiple Income Sources

Many of the 99.9% of people we are speaking about don’t pursue multiple income streams. They view the world through the narrow prism of their 9-5, thinking that it’s the only way they can accumulate money. I’m here to tell you that’s just wrong. If you’re willing to put in just a couple extra hours of work each day, you can easily make close to $1,000 extra each month. What do I mean by extra work? It could be any number of things. You could take a skill—aka something you’re good at—and convince third party clients to do work for them. Or, you could develop a product that you can sell online and accumulate a hefty amount of passive income. There’s also investing, but just don’t become a day trader unless you seriously know what you’re doing.

Getting ahead in the world isn’t exactly like climbing Mount Everest. If you sacrifice a little r&r time each day, you will start seeing results within a matter of weeks. #sidehustlelife

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