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WATCH: A 60 Year Old Man Is Way More Ripped Than You Will Ever Be

They say that age is only a number, but in the fitness world it’s more of a hindrance. Once you hit 35 or so, you can no longer do the 2-a-day workouts. And when you hit 60? Forget about doing anything, right? Wrong! This man is certainly changing our perception of age. Check out this 60 year old’s amazing outdoor workout.

His daily recipe includes 700 push ups, 10 sets of dips and pull ups. He does this routine 5 days out of the week in his local New York City park, usually with a crowd of people around him, looking quite jealous.

The key to Herbie Bowen’s success? Consistency. Many people, both young and old, work out haphazardly. They don’t have a consistent routine and aren’t disciplined in general. To make any strength training or conditioning plan work, you have to keep at it day in and day out.

This is also proof that you don’t need a gym membership and you don’t need to take supplements or pills to achieve your goals. All you need is room to work. In Mr. Bowen’s case, he simply utilizes the public facilities nearby, rather than shelling out $30/month at a fancy fitness club.

One thing that Bowen clearly does is eat healthy. This is something that has one of the greatest effects on your health, and it’s something that, if done incorrectly, negates all the exercise efforts you go to. So if your goal is to look like Mr. Bowen, start by packing in the proteins and shunning the unnecessary fats.

The combination of healthy eating combined with a persistent workout schedule can lead to heart disease prevention. This is one of the most dangerous aspects of aging, but it’s something that is largely preventable. In fact, from 1997 to 2007, the death rate from heart disease declined 27.8 percent. That’s HUGE. And doctors believe that as little as 2 and a half hours of moderately intense activity each week lowers a person’s chance of developing coronary artery disease by 14 percent.

As we age, muscle health isn’t the only thing we need to maintain. Mental health is also extremely important. Just as you should go to the gym regularly, you should also read and study new topics regularly. You’re never too old to stop learning.

Most of us won’t look like Herbie Bowen at 60, but at least we can try to achieve some level of fitness if we work hard enough at it.

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