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4 Infographics To Help You Choose The Perfect Summer Fitness Workout

As the weather starts to heat up, it’s time to get outside and shed our winter layers. But it’s also time to get serious about our bodies. To start feeling healthier and happier for the warm months, let’s take a look at some of our best exercise options.

Here are some structured workouts you might want to consider.

Slimming Legs Workout – Kama Fitness

Kama, Kama, Kama, Kama, Kama-chameleon… okay sorry for that. Anyway, let’s talk about Kama Fitness for a second. She is one of the most popular fitness ladies on Pinterest, and has offered a variety of convenient workouts that anyone can do without a gym membership.

This one is great for the legs.

summer fitness workout

Before Work Butt Workout

If you can wake up a few minutes earlier in the morning, this can be a great way to jump start your day. After all, everyone wants a stronger butt.

Summer Arms Workout

Now that we’ve discussed the lower body, let’s touch on the importance of a good arms workout to even out our muscle growth. Once again, Kama Fitness is here to provide us with instructions.

summer fitness workout

These workouts are easy to do. All you need are a few supplies and a little bit of space in your room. Just watch out for that lamp on your nightstand.

Yoga Poses

For all you yogis out there, here are 9 poses you’re going to love. Just make sure to stretch out before you start… stretching out.

There’s nothing like performing yoga outdoors on a warm, summer day, right?

If you’d like more inspiration for your summer fitness workout, be sure to check out more from Kama Fitness and others on Pinterest.

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