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Exercise and Beer = The Brewery Running Series

Asking me if I like exercise and beer is like asking me if I like oxygen. There’s nothing, I repeat NOTHING more satisfying than drinking a cold brew after a hard workout. Well it turns out that many other people share this passion, and it’s manifested itself in the “Brewery Running Series.” An event that was created by two buddies in Minnesota.

Participants in this event choose to run or walk a 5K, which of course ends in the best way possible… with beer drinking. But that’s not all it’s about. The series has donated $41,498 to charities in the communities where the race takes place, using a portion of its proceeds to do so.

Thus far, runners have trekked a total of 50,726 miles across 7 statesā€”Minnesota, Colorado, Illinois, Oregon, Texas, Washington, and Wisconsin. Along the way they’ve consumed more than 20,000 beers. Yep. That sounds like a great Saturday night! Or day.

The event looks really fun, if its Instagram does it any justice.

In case you’re worried about missing the event, don’t be. There are races taking place throughout the year. For example, Minnesota has one every weekend from April to October, and surely there are a lot of runners who participate in every single race.

Making Fitness Fun

It’s important to make fitness fun, whenever possible. By combining it with beer drinking, you’ll be well on your way to doing so. The camaraderie element cannot be over-exaggerated. Fitness becomes fun when it’s being done with other people. We all push each other to be better, faster, and stronger, so why not just add beer to the mix?

Comparable to the Craft Classic?

How does the Brewery Running Series compare to other beer/fitness events? What about to the Craft Classic in San Diego? This is a half marathon and a 5K that treats its runners to a tasty beer at the local Green Flash Brewing Co. once they finish. As many of you probably know by now, San Diego is the epicenter of craft beer in the United States these days. This race knows and understands that fact, which is why the Craft Classic is becoming a popular annual tradition. In case you can’t make it to San Diego in July (same month as Comic Con), there are additional Craft Classics in Phoenix, Atlanta, and Seattle later in the year.

As with any event that pairs running with drinking alcohol, we must advise you to remain safe out there. Don’t start the drinking until after you cross the finish line, okay?

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