3 Ways You Can Make Money From Fitness Starting Now

3 Ways You Can Make Money From Your Fitness Obsession

Many of us have passions that we’d literally pay to do. We love them that much. But what if you could actually earn money from the things your most passion about? I don’t suspect most of you would hesitate in saying, “sure, sign me up!” Well the truth is, yes you really can earn money from doing your favorite things. Here are a few ways of turning your fitness habit into a full-fledged business.


fitness lessons

Let’s start with a traditional form of money making, coaching. This means going to your local park and running an outdoor crossfit or yoga class, or teaching tennis lessons at your neighborhood club. It might take you a while to scale because you’ll inevitably be trading your time for dollars. However, getting paid to teach others about the things you love is rewarding enough, right?

Affiliate Website

fitness affiliate website

Are there any fitness products you’d love to share with others? Can you provide a valuable opinion to potential buyers in the form of reviews or product comparisons? If the answer to either one is yes, then you might consider becoming an affiliate. Affiliate websites help market a series of products related to a particular niche, providing links to the website where a person can buy. The beauty here is that you receive a commission payment for every purchase made on your behalf. It’s sort of like running an eCommerce store, only you’re not responsible for holding any merchandise. So if you have a lot of personal experience with say, fitness bands, you can write up some reviews and rank your favorites. If you’re able to generate a fair amount of traffic to your site, you can grow this into a full-time living.

Affiliate commissions can pay anywhere from 3-50% of the product’s price, which can really start adding up!

Sell Your Own Products

fitness selling products

Building on the affiliate idea, the next step is to sell your own products. Now before you freak out, this doesn’t mean you have to open a storefront nor does it mean you need to hold inventory. In 2017, there’s a phenomenon called private labeling where you can take wholesale products, re-brand them, and have them shipped to customers without ever holding the inventory. Overhead is a thing of the past, thank God!

As you can see, earning money from your fitness hobby isn’t all that far-fetched. It’s actually never been easier to do it. Life is too short not to be doing something you love.

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