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You Survived The Holidays, Can You Survive Easter Sunday?

You though you’d never get through Thanksgiving and Christmas unscathed, but you did. Then Valentine’s Day came along and you went through a mini chocolate phase. Now? Easter time! That means more chocolate and more potential heartache. But there are right ways to do Easter and also wrong ways. We’ll discuss the right ways.

Limit Alcohol Intake

This is a solid rule to live by in life in general, but a hard one to carry out in practice. Easter tends to be a time when we have family over and the drinks start flowing, but try to limit that beverage flow to just one or two in a sitting.


It sounds like we’re beating a dead horse, but we can’t stress the importance of exercise enough. It can be hard to squeeze in the time when you’re entertaining guests, cooking large meals, and drinking alcohol (also why limiting your alcohol intake is important). Schedule a run for right after you wake up, before you eat a heavy breakfast and start preparing the large Easter meal.

Eat Good Fats, If You Must

Fats aren’t always a bad four-letter word. They can be somewhat healthy if they come in the form of raw nuts or avocados. You can replace your children’s Easter candies with nuts if you’d really like to become parent of the year. The only thing is they might hate you until the time they graduate high school.

Channel Your Best ‘Good Friday’

Good Friday is typically meal-free, or at the very least meal-limited. This isn’t to say that your entire weekend should go without food, but try to lessen the portions as best you can. If you’re cooking for a big group this can be hard. Try and limit yourself to grabbing one extra plate rather than three or four.

Easter Egg Hunt

Why not? Joining the kiddos on an Easter egg hunt increases your involvement with them while keeping you moving as well. It’s also a great excuse to get out of the house, plus Easter egg hunting is fun!

Doing the Bunny Hop

Easter isn’t just about Jesus, it’s about bunnies. Start jumping up and down in honor of the rabbits on this special day. It’s a great way to lose weight while also acknowledging the power of the Easter bunny.

Don’t let the Easter weekend mess you up this time around, even though chocolate will likely be involved.

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