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how to get energy in the morning

What’s the Best Way to Get Energy in the Morning?

Getting energy in the morning is a difficult task. The alarm goes off once, twice, three times, but to no avail. If you really want to get off your bottom and become active at an early hour, you have to cultivate a plan for caffeine infusion. Here’s what works for me.

Beginning, middle, and end with coffee

Coffee makes the world go round as far as I’m concerned. It’s essential for working long, productive hours and staying on top of your game throughout the day. The only problem? Getting out of bed and having the energy to make it first thing in the morning. Most of us don’t. Instead, it’s wiser to get your coffee maker all set-up the night before so that all you have to do in the morning is press the “on” button. You can also take this a step further and just make the coffee the night before, pour it into a cup, and leave it in the fridge over night. The next morning you just have to heat it in the microwave for 1 minute and it’s good to go.

Of course, owning a K-cup machine makes life much easier. You just have to throw in a coffee pod and go on your merry way. But filtered machines taste a heck of a lot better!

Go to bed earlier

Yes this one is common sense, but it works. Even going to bed just a few minutes earlier can help you feel rejuvenated the following day, ready to conquer the gym, your job, and just about anything else life throws at you.

Caffeine pills

I don’t particularly like this suggestion. To me, it’s like taking steroids to hit a baseball farther. But in any event, caffeine pills ARE technically a way to boost your energy. The question is, “how many can you take? Safely?” There have been many studies describing the effects of caffeine pills versus regular coffee consumption. What they’ve found? Coffee tends to give people wings, but not strictly due to the caffeine element. There are a number of little substances in coffee that can produce the stimulation effect of caffeine.

Get All of Your Previous Day’s Tasks Completed

You never want to wake up behind the eight ball, having a mountain of things to do that you should’ve completed the day before. Oddly enough, this negativity gives a lot of people a ‘give up’ mentality, making them even less motivated to achieve things in the new day. By staying on top of things each and every day, you’ll give yourself more natural energy and positivity to continue being successful.

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