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How to Watch ‘Ginormous Food’ Without Getting a Ginormous Appetite

After a day full of exercising and various outdoors activities, I sat down to stare at the TV for a moment. My girlfriend usually owns the remote and she decided we watch ‘Ginormous Food,’ a new series on Food Network. I’m always up for trying new shows but this one was pushing it, especially if you’re hungry while watching it.

Host Josh Denny explores restaurants across America in pursuit of the largest portions of food he can find. From a burger with three gigantic patties, to a Philly cheesesteak loaded with six pounds of steak, there’s no food item that will keep Denny away. And if you’re hungry, you’ll wish you were in his shoes. So how do you watch these types of shows without wanting to sprint to your nearest ginormous food joint? Here are a few preventive measures you can take.

Eat before viewing

They really ought to slap on a bumper before the show saying, “Eat Before Viewing.” This would make you avoid a lot of heartache and mouth-watering. But make sure not to eat TOO much, or else you’ll actually feel nauseous while watching. Eat enough to feel full but not enough to start vomiting all over your carpet.

Drink Beer

Experts say don’t drink your calories, but we’ll let it slide in this situation. Drinking a heavy beer while watching ‘Ginormous Food’ works as a terrific appetite suppressant, giving you the heft you need to prevent starvation. It also provides a great distraction from the food in general.

Use the Inspiration

The show may also inspire you to be better at culinary things, in which case you should buy some ingredients and give it a shot in your own kitchen. This could even be made into a group activity with friends and family. Of course, you probably won’t want to cook everything to scale unless you have a Martha Stewart-sized kitchen and enough Tupperware to store your leftovers for days.

Start Small

You don’t need to go so big right off the bat. Instead, try cooking smaller portions throughout the day to help boost your metabolism. It turns out that eating multiple tiny meals (or mini meals) actually helps prevent weight gains and fluctuations in general.

As with any Food Network show, ‘Ginormous Food’ pushes the limits of proportions and food creativity. The end result? Deliciousness.

The next time you watch the tastiest network on TV, keep your stomach in check. Okay?

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