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How Many Meals A Day Should You Eat?

There’s an ongoing debate about daily food intake. Some people recommend eating fewer, but larger meals; others recommend eating more often, but in smaller portions. What is the right amount of food you should consume? How many meals a day are “healthy” for you?

The argument for smaller portions has been made by many fitness people, and some nutrition experts for several years now. The thinking is that your body will do a better job at burning fat and calories if you spread out your food intake throughout the day. This doesn’t mean going from 3 large meals to 6 large meals, it means going from 3 large meals to 6 much smaller meals. Although many people claim this routine has worked wonders for them, there have been studies that prove otherwise.

A study from the University of Ottawa found that individuals on a low-calorie diet had no weight loss advantage over those who ate 3 regular meals. In many cases, people who indulge in 6 meals a day tend to crave even more food.

So what’s the answer then? Should you go the route of 3 meals? 5 meals? 6 meals? 10 meals? Researchers haven’t decided on a consensus, except the fact that regardless of how many meals you eat, your diet goals can only be achieved by keeping your calories at bay.

Did you know that people who regularly eat breakfast typically weigh less that people who skip it? Weird, right? Not so much. It turns out that you can get more nutrients like vitamin A, D, and B12 by eating that all-important first meal of the day. But there’s another side to that story—you also have to refrain from eating junk foods. Sorry, but yes that means no chocolates, hard candies, or tasty desserts. Replace them with yummy vegetables and fruits.

Nuts are also a great of quenching your appetite without loading you up with calories. If you find yourself being moderately hungry at an odd hour of the day, like 2 or 3pm, they can be a great substitute for a meal. Just go to the grocery store and buy a bag of almonds. 1 cup of almonds, sliced, is 92 grams which is around 529 calories. Considering you probably won’t be eating that many almonds at a time, you shouldn’t worry about ingesting too many calories from them.

At the end of the day it’s a matter of calorie intake. If you’re daily intake is conservative, it doesn’t particularly matter how meals a day you eat.

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