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How Do You Get Out of Your Comfort Zone? By Just Doing It

There’s a lot to be said about venturing away from conventionality. Gravitating from the things in life that keep you secure in an effort to better yourself and produce more sustainable options. Unfortunately, leaving our comfort zone isn’t always easy. It’s not necessarily even an issue of convenience, but one of time. There are too few hours in the day to escape our routine. By the time everything is done, it’s time for bed. In order to truly escape your comfort zone in pursuit of betterment you have to start small, by doing these “little” things.

Set Aside Time Each Day For Experimentation

If your number one complaint is that there aren’t enough hours in the day, welcome to life as an adult. Everyone is busy, the key is to MAKE the necessary time to try things. Something I do before each week is create a simple schedule of everything I need to do Monday-Friday, and Saturday if the workload is intense. This not only ensures that I get all my work done, it helps me block out time windows for other activities. For example, if your goal is to become better at networking you should join a group centered around meetups in your industry. If your goal is to drop a certain percentage of body fat but you’re insecure about going to the gym, block off a small window of time for a quick consultation at your local facilities.

Setting aside time isn’t as easy as telling yourself, “I’ll get to it later.” By putting your objectives in writing, you’re holding yourself to a much firmer standard.

Get Friends On Board

It’s easier to venture outside of your comfort zone if others come along for the ride with you. Get your friends to join in while you explore new possibilities and new activities. Sign up for a 5K together, start a meetup group, get gym memberships at the same time. Doing activities alongside one another helps establish accountability and encourages us to follow through on our goals. “But if I’m trying to escape my comfort zone, why would I do things with a friend?” Because it helps both of you gradually branch out to the point where you’re ultimately out making friends on your own.

Start ASAP

The longer you drag your feet, the less your chances are of ever leaving your comfort zone. The key is to get started today, not tomorrow or next week.

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