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How Caring Less Could Make You Happier and Healthier

The expression “I couldn’t care less” is an easy go-to when we’re approached with things that make us indifferent (by the way, it’s not “I COULD care less” because that implies there are other things you could care less about). Is indifference a bad thing? Yes and no. It’s bad when you’re indifferent about things like, you know, your kids or your career. However it can be good to exercise indifference about the more menial things in your life. Mainly, negative things.

Petty irritations

Whether it’s your drive to and from work that gets you riled up or your sometimes loud next door neighbor, you have to recognize that many things are out of your control. What’s the advantage of screaming at the car that cuts you off in traffic? Or even just getting angry that your drive is taking longer than expected? By caring too much about these petty events, you’re setting your day up to be tense and stressful. It’s bad for your mind and terrible for your body. Just shrug these things off, they’re out of your control.

Comparing Yourself to Others

Social media can be a great tool that interfaces you with your friends and the world. It can also be a source of jealousy, angst, and bitterness. Study after study reveals that the more time we spend on social media, the more depressed we become. There seems to be only two solutions, either avoid social media altogether or simply learn to put your friends’ posts into perspective. People tend to post only the highlights of their lives, which is something to keep in mind when scrolling through those incredibly shot Instagram photos.

Comparing yourself to others is only healthy when you use it in relation to your greater goals. If your friend is the CEO of large company in your industry, it’s perfectly healthy for you to want to mirror his trajectory. However, if you’re merely saying, “I wish I was him!” Eh, that’s not useful. Don’t make it about him, make it about reaching your goals.

Discover Gratitude

Whether or not you’re a person of faith, you can still be gracious. Appreciating the things you have means not dwelling on the things you don’t have. Care more about the people and things that contribute positivity to your life, and care less about the negative elements. You’ll find that by channeling your gratitude to the important areas, good things will come your way.

By caring less about the unimportant parts of your life, you’ll unlock more opportunities and more overall happiness.

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