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Is Buying Groceries Online A Healthy Way To Go?

Everything has shifted online. This includes movies, college classes, and now, food. Yes you can theoretically buy all of your groceries without ever setting foot in a grocery store again. I don’t know about you, but this certainly sounds fantastic for people like me who shudder at the notion of having to get in a car and battle through checkout lines.

Is it healthy though? This is a question that people continually ask to ensure they’re not living dangerously, especially when ordering perishables. The answer is simple, make sure you order from reputable sites. Here are the top ones that are worth checking out:


Speaking of healthy, organic offerings, FreshDirect is a relatively new service that delivers to many areas across the United States. You just have to type in your zip code to find out if they’ll deliver to you.

Amazon Fresh

Indeed, the largest retailer on the web today has gotten involved in the grocery game. Amazon Fresh gives shoppers the option of “subscribing” to items that they’d like to order regularly. The bonus is not only a sped up ordering process, but Amazon offers shoppers discounts for these subscription items along the way. The service allows you to subscribe to deliveries on a consistent basis, whether it be once or twice a month or even longer.

Walmart Grocery

Even the massive, super chain allows for online grocery shopping. With Walmart Grocery you can order groceries online and pick them up the same day. Get fruits, vegetables, meats, and plenty more, ready to grab when you want them. It’s perfect for those of us who want to spend as little time in Walmart as humanly possible.


This UK-based company is making waves overseas, with it’s ability to let users compare prices quickly and discover healthier options through the app’s comprehensive recommendations. If you’re looking to cater an upcoming event, MySupermarket’s got you covered. Their team will assist you in planning any event to perfection.


As you can see, they’ve been around awhile (since 2002). They certainly know how to deliver and have an inventory of almost 10,000 items from which to choose. The site provides special offers, seasonal discounts, and delivers to APO/FPO addresses for military families.

Reputability is important when entrusting a company with any size of order, but it takes on a much larger sense of importance when it comes to food purchases. Get products you know are fresh and healthy.

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