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Is BulletProof Coffee The End-All Solution To Lost Productivity?

One of the biggest crazes in coffee that’s currently sweeping the interwebs is that of ‘Bulletproof coffee.’ It’s the practice of putting a partial stick of butter into your cup that supposedly increases the half-life of the caffeine. In theory, this keeps you energized longer and prevents normal coffee jitters. But is there truth in this advertising?

Like any great idea, ‘Bulletproof coffee’ was first introduced on a blog. The blogger, Dave Asprey, maintained a site called the ‘Bulletproof Executive,’ so you can understand where the name came from. It then blossomed into the phenomenon it is today. Here’s how to make it.

1. Brew 1, 8 ounce cup of coffee using boiling, filtered water with 2 1/2 tablespoons freshly ground beans.

2. Add 1-2 tablespoons of oil (it’s recommended you use the Bulletproof brand Brain Octane Oil-$45.95) to the hot coffee.

3. Add 1-2 tablespoons of grass-fed, unsalted butter.

4. Mix everything into a blender for 30 seconds or so until it appears foamy.

The result? A high-octane cup of joe designed to keep you energized for hours. The butter and oil supposedly helps your body receive some healthy fats (yes, there’s such thing). By nature, our bodies are starved for healthy fats. It will take your body a week or longer to turn on its fat digestion systems once you start, but then it’ll become more natural for you.

In total, ‘Bulletproof coffee’ contains more than 50 grams of fat, but it also has a low amount of protein. This could mean that you’re only receiving a third of your normal nutrition every morning. Not to mention that it’s chock full of calories, totaling 440. This is more than most Starbucks drinks. Nevertheless, Asprey claims ‘Bulletproof’ can help people lose weight by suppressing appetite later in the day.

As far as saturated fats are concerned, it’s okay for humans to ingest them, just not all the time. Experts point to the fact that humans haven’t really evolved EVER relying on sat fats. Don’t expect them to suddenly begin now. It’s also important to regulate your fructose intake, trying not to have them in large amounts.

But on the other hand, it would be a pleasant treat to not have to drink coffee throughout the day. Instead, having it once in the morning and being good to go for hours upon hours.

In 2015, ‘Bulletproof’ opened its first storefront in Santa Monica, CA. Here, everything was unique, including the sign out front that would change colors and light throughout the day.

Will this expand, or remain a fad?

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