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How To Start A Successful Fitness Blog, HINT: Hard Work

You hear about it all the time, people talking about “how I quit my day job to start a fitness blog.” If you think this is going to be you, you’ve got another thing coming. The vast, vast, vast majority of blogs never monetize, or barely monetize at beast. Don’t create a fitness blog thinking it will catapult you towards riches. Instead, do it because you genuinely enjoy fitness and want to bestow your knowledge onto others.

So how do you get started on things? Well, the first step is simple…

Do It

Oftentimes we have to have a friend or roommate throw our body at the computer to make us start typing. That’s fine. The key is to START TYPING. You don’t even need a website to initially start creating content. Go ahead and open up a Word document, jot down your ideas, then start building your blog’s website.


We’re not saying that WordPress is the only platform for bloggers, but it’s one of the easiest to use, and is utilized by over 25% of websites. There are many free templates available on the platform for building just about any type of blog. Plus, WordPress has plugins galore! Plugins are little tools that help you do certain things beyond the standard capabilities of WordPress—things like optimizing your content for search engines, sharing it across social media, and many other extras.

Set a Schedule

No blog is successful if it rarely, and sporadically posts new content. Like a new TV episode, your audience wants to know when they can rely on your blog to release new material. There’s no set rule as to how little or how often you need to post, just make sure it’s consistent. You might write twice a week, but if the content is good then you’ll build a readership for those two days per week.


This is the make or break element of your blog. Is it any good? Do you offer a truly unique perspective into this niche? Fitness in particular is a highly saturated industry, and blogs offering advice are a dime a dozen. To stand out from the crowd, your content needs to be good but it also must be different from everyone else. Rather than naming it “The Running Blog,” try “5K Errday.” Yes that’s a lame example but you get it, you’re a smart cookie.


Don’t worry about this step UNTIL you have content to show. Then, go at it full steam ahead! Conquer social media, paid advertising, etc. Whatever it takes and whatever you can afford while still turning a profit.

The key to building an online audience in any niche is perseverance. There will be times when you feel like you’re writing for no one, especially in the early days. But if you’re passionate about the content, you should have no problem sitting down to produce it on a regular basis.

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