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Halo Neuroscience Aims To Help Baseball Teams Win The World Series

The San Francisco Giants definitely have the pieces to win the World Series this year. Now, they have something else in their corner. A local startup called Halo Neuroscience is developing a device geared towards boosting the performance of athletes between a 1 to 2% improvement.

Here’s the video to show you how it’s done. The music is super trendy.

How does it work? By stimulating the brain’s motor cortex which energizes motor neurons and allows athletes to gain power while becoming more efficient in their game.

It’s obvious why the Giants of all teams are being used as guinea pigs. They are the closest major league baseball team to the Silicon Valley. Talk about being at the center of all things innovation!

This past season, the team underwent a two-week trial with 18 of their top minor league prospects. All of the men went through the exact training and conditioning workouts, but nine of the men used the Halo product while the other nine did not. After the trials, the Giants signed a formal partnership with Halo Neuroscience and began using the devices during this year’s spring training at the major league level and at multiple minor league levels.

Thus far, it seems to actually work. Players who wear the headsets are able to absorb new drills and new stances faster than their counterparts. But there’s a limit. Wearing the device for too long results in diminishing returns. It’s better if athletes only wear it a few minutes prior to their workout, then take it off.

If a hitter is trying to work on their swing, they should put on the headset about 30 minutes before taking batting practice. This will guarantee they’re making the most they can of the device.

The science is still burgeoning but if the Giants’ feel it’s benefited their organization, expect to see Halo in every big league clubhouse. You can also expect to see it in other sports for athletes who are aiming to improve specific facets of their game.

Like we said before, it’s estimated to only have a performance increase effect of between 1-2%. This might not be a lot, but consider that a 1-2% increase in wins for a baseball team equates to about 3 1/4 additional games out of 162. That is oftentimes the difference between winning or losing your division, and making the postseason.

I’d like to get a hold of Halo soon and figure out what their product can do for my tennis game. Although a 1-2% increase will still leave me at hopeless.

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