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A Good Sweat Can Give You Blackheads, Here’s How to Get Rid of Them

Exercising is the ticket to feeling better and looking better, but it is also associated with dirtiness and grim. Aka two things nobody wants on their body. However, there might be a cure.

Avoidance is Tough

What are you going to do, not work out? This is simply not a realistic option. Instead, you should focus on taking steps to eliminate blackheads after the workout is completed.

Using a Product That Works

There are many substances out there that can help you, but it’s important to be selective. Don’t fall for cheap marketing gimmicks or buy something that’s expensive just because it has a brand name.

Try a dedicated blackhead mask that will relieve the issue quickly and comfortably.

Don’t Over Wash Your Face

Believe it or not, washing your face too often is bad for your skin and can actually stimulate the oils that cause blackheads. Try to dial back your face washing to once a day. Really.

Also cut back on exfoliation. Greasy skin is not the worst thing in the world, it’s actually quite natural. Ladies who suffer from blackheads but wear full-face makeup every day should start easing up on the make-up. This isn’t to say you have to eschew makeup entirely, just stick to the eyes and lips and use minimal blush.

Drinking Lots of Water

Water isn’t just a tool to keep your body hydrated, it can help clear up your blackheads as well. Cleansing naturally removes toxins and bacteria from your body while unclogging the pours from which blackheads grow.

Using Exercising To Actually Prevent Blackheads

Now let’s get super counter-intuitive for a second. Exercising can actually help PREVENT blackheads, yes, prevent. This is due to the fact that blackheads, and acne, are often caused by high stress levels. Exercising is proven to help reduce stress in a myriad of ways.


Because of the connection between stress and breakouts, it’s important to Netflix and chill every so often. No you don’t have to buy a Netflix subscription but you get the idea.

We’re talking about doing things like, you know, sleeping more than 6 hours each night.

Experiment With Home Remedies

Up for an old school method? Try applying a think paste of orange peel onto your face. It sounds crazy but this can actually work. You have to let it stand for one whole night then rinse your face with clean water the next morning. Salt water is also good at reducing facial oils.

Try one or two of these methods and let us know how they worked for you!

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