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Winter Exercises That Really Work You Out

It might be cold out, but it’s no reason for you to vegetate on the couch until springtime. There are a number of great winter sports from which to partake, even if you are trying them for the first time. Looking for a chilly calorie burn while doing something competitive as well? Here are a few options.



Recreational snowboarders can burn as much as 250-360 calories each hour. As you improve your skills, you’re looking at anywhere from 700 to 1,200 calories. As with any snowy sport, you’ll find yourself in the conundrum of having to bundle up to stay warm while also having to deal with sweat.

Ice Hockey


For those who like football, this is football on ice. Hockey is an extremely physical sport combining quick, spontaneous speed bursts with the constant pushing and shoving of opponents. In addition to being very competitive, it also requires a lot of teamwork to win games. This combination of factors make the sport both mentally and physically exhausting.



This is definitely the opposite of hockey on the intensity scale, but it’s great for this reason. Sledding is something that children of all ages can enjoy and they don’t have to worry about any form of competition during it. Surprisingly, it’s possible to burn a fair amount of calories while sledding since you’re constantly carrying a sled uphill. You can get to about 400 calories if it’s a massive toboggan.



You don’t have to scale Mt. Everest in January, but hiking on smaller hills can still help you reach a great burn. On a long hike you can easily eclipse 1,000 calories. In the cold winter weather it’s a lot easier to hike longer distances before getting tuckered out.



One of the oldest winter sports is still widely practiced by lovers of cold weather and snow. In fact, skiing might be the best full body workout of any winter sport. You’ll surely need a hot tub and a full body massage after a day on the slopes.

Snow Shoveling


Sorry to un-fun this list with an actual chore, but shoveling snow does have its benefits. You can burn in excess of 200 calories if you tackle the entire driveway and sidewalk in front of your house.

Winter doesn’t have to mean the end of fun workouts. If you’re creative and enjoy competition, there are a number of great activities that can suit you even under the coldest of circumstances.

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