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Tips for Deep Cleaning Your Home in Just 7 Days

We have all been there—searching for a solution to try and rejuvenate our home, but knowing full well that an average cleaning will not do the trick. Sometimes a deep cleaning is the most necessary measure to keep our home looking in tip-top shape. But doesn’t that take time? Not at all! Here’s how you can do a deep cleaning of your home in just 7 days time.

Ways For Deep Cleaning Your Home In Just 7 Days:

    • Day 1 – Drapes and Blinds – The best way to deep clean those hard to reach places is by using attachments on your vacuum cleaner. This should work pretty effectively, otherwise you can take down the drapes and wash them in case you missed some spots. Blinds are even simpler to clean—this can be accomplished with a damp cloth.
    • Day 2 – Fans and Light Fixtures – You will need a ladder to reach your fans and light fixtures, and also a damp cloth. While a feather duster might suffice for a minor cleaning, you will need to take the light fixture off and wash it with soap and water for a thorough cleaning.
    • Day 3 – Bedrooms – One of the most overlooked rooms of the house is the bedroom. We don’t eat there so it must be clean, right? Wrong! Thankfully, it’s easy to do with proper vacuum attachments plus glass cleaner for windows, headboards, and bedposts. Don’t forget about cleaning out air vents as well.
    • Day 4 – Bathrooms – Everyone’s least favorite room is actually simpler than you may have imagined. Separate the space into zones to make sure you devote adequate attention to everything. Start with something simple, like the shower caddie in your bathtub. Then move on to the shower head, applying an old toothbrush and cleaner to it. Use shower guard to clean the floor of the shower before scrubbing with a sponge. Now you can move on to the dreaded toilet. Tackle the bowl with your toilet brush, then poor bleach into the water and give it several minutes to settle in. Make sure to flush before using the toilet again.
    • Day 5 – Kitchen – Naturally, this is most constantly messy space in our homes. And since we are dealing with food, it’s important to treat the area with care. Begin by taking everything out of your fridge, remove shelves and drawers to clean individually. Reach into the fridge and clean the entire interior with a sponge soaked in a pail of warm water. then clean the exterior of the fridge especially frequently touched surfaces like the handle and its surroundings. Next comes the oven, which is made easy if self-cleaning. If not, simply use a cleaner and follow the directions. Remove the tray from your microwave and wash it in the sink with warm, soapy water. Clean the inside of your microwave with dish soap and a damp cloth.
    • Day 6 – Floors – Now time for the area that takes constant abuse from your dirty feet. Beyond vacuuming underneath furniture, use hot water and clean the hard surfaces. Invest in a Swiffer to effectively wipe down everything… but don’t let any kids or pets wandering through the area until it dries.
    • Day 7 – Rest – On the seventh day, thou shall rest! Congratulations on a job well done. You have created a clean and pristine living space for you and your family.
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