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These Are The Top Fitness Vacations for 2017

Newsflash—you can still workout when on a vacation! If lounging around and being immobile isn’t your thing, you might want to enact some of these fitness ideas into your next trip. Here are a few to consider in 2017:

Cycling through Cuba


Fidel is dead and Cuba is open to travelers the world over. With a number of nonstop, daily flights from major U.S. cities, it’s never been easier to get to the island nation. One thing tourists are raving about is the ability to cycle through each town with ease. Of course, if you are a serious cyclist, you can try the nine-day trek from Havana to Santa Clara. The course follows coastal paths, taking you to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, as well as some historically significant sites like the Bay of Pigs.

Log lifting in Zanzibar


It’s pretty far away from civilization, but a lot of tourists like this aspect. Zanzibar is settled in the East African nation of Tanzania—close to the equator and right on the ocean. Yes, it’s relaxing, but it can also be a great workout. There are fitness packages you can order which include runs up and down sand dunes as well as log lifting exercises. If that gets tiresome, and it likely will, then feel free to relax on the sand.

Muay Thai in Thailand


Thailand is not only a popular vacation spot, but it has become a common living destination among expats. Cheap prices, resort-like conditions, and a plethora of outdoor activities are the top reasons. One of the trademark sports of Thailand is Muay Thai, as is evidenced by the hundreds of specialty gyms throughout the country. If you want to get in great shape and also get shredded, Muay Thai is a great sport to attempt.

Climbing mountains in the Alps


It’s one thing to ski down the mountains, but you can also exercise while going back up them. Rather than opting for a lift, climb back up the mountain under your own power. Yes, lugging your skis and poles isn’t easy, but this article isn’t about what’s easy.

Running through Julian, CA


This one might seem rather obscure. Julian, California is a mountain town about 60 miles east of San Diego. At 4,000 feet above sea level, it’s a great training ground for expanding your lung capacity. It’s also close enough to San Diego for you to celebrate your hard work with a trip to the beach.

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