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New Nike Video Campaign Features Kevin Hart

Nike introduced a series of Apple Watch Nike+ videos featuring comedian Kevin Hart as “The Man Who Kept Running.” In other words, he was so excited to receive the watch that he literally couldn’t stop running.

In this video, Hart opens the watch as a gift in October then quickly starts heeding its daily reminder imploring him to run.

Before long, Kevin channels his inner Forrest Gump and becomes obsessed with running all day everyday. He says, “I’ve been living out here for months. But my spirit has been out here forever. See, running used to be hard for me, but things changed when I woke up and heard this little voice in my head… ‘Are we running today?’ I started answering that question. Yes! Yes! So now I run. I run.”

Nike’s marketing strategy is kind of brilliant here. By using an obvious non-runner in Kevin Hart, they are clearly mocking those individuals who are overly obsessed with the sport, but not in an overtly rude way.

The Apple Watch Series 2 Nike+ is currently selling for $399 at retailers like Best Buy and Macy’s. Given the relative lack of success of the first Apple Watch, this team up with Nike is not a surprising move for Apple. It’s standard form did not present a huge upgrade for users.

This edition includes a built-in GPS designed to track pace, distance, and route, regardless of whether you have your iPhone with you. It’s faces fluctuate so users can choose between hands or pure digital displays.


There’s also an element of friendship infused into the product. You can offer your running buddies inspirational fist bumps and compare your progress to theirs.

It also comes with some delectable accessories, including an ear-molded Dre Beats ear piece. AND there is free shipping as well as free returns.

We’re not trying to sell you on this product, we’re merely admiring the fact that Nike is taking a step away from using naturally-gifted professional athletes in favor of more normal figures. Maybe they are discovering that customers want to see more of themselves in the product than Serena Williams (as much as we love her).

The takeaway here is that Kevin Hart is fantastic in every creative endeavor he enters, regardless of context. Hopefully this pans out nicely for Nike and we see Kevin in many more spots over the coming months, preferably he’s still running through the desert.

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