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Is The Booty Max Legit Or Just A Big, Round Scam?

If you’ve been checking out late-night television recently, you’ve probably come across an advertisement for the Booty Max. It looks something like this:

Entertaining to say the least, eh? The Booty Max promises a visible increase in back end size after a few weeks of use. It also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you don’t cultivate that prominent rear as promised. But as with any new fitness device we have to be a tad dubious, at least until we know it works.

So is it a scam?

Well for one thing, the 30-day money-back guarantee isn’t completely “money-back.” It doesn’t cover the cost of shipping, which is at least $13.99.

Another issue is the delivery itself. Because of the intense demand for the product, deliveries can take up to six weeks. It’s not necessarily the fault of Booty Max for being so popular, but maybe they should increase their supply?

And then there’s the claim that customers will lose as much as 21.5 inches while adding some extra coverage to the butt. On Booty Max’s website, they have dispel this claim by saying, “Please note that your experiences and results may differ.” Okay, but how much will they differ? Fitness manufacturers never tell you the answer, and that’s frustrating.

The technology itself is not particularly fancy. It’s just a multi-directional resistance machine, meaning it allows you to apply resistance in multiple directions. Areas of the body such as the glutes, calves, etc. are supposed to be emphasized. Are they actually emphasized? Yes, at least in theory. But these results are also achievable through weightlifting or using resistance bands.

What’s another important component of exercise that the Booty Max seems to be leaving out? It takes a massive amount of cardio to burn calories and produce tone. Yes, you might want to spend some time running when you’re not using your Booty Max machine.

With a proper all around workout strategy in place the Booty Max might actually benefit you, but the key is ALL AROUND. Don’t buy it with the expectation of it saving your life or anything. It won’t even save your booty.

Don’t get too excited from seeing the big booty results advertised in the infomercial. Those results are earned from a great deal of work, and genetics. Booty Max even claims that one of their models/actresses was a 4x National Bikini Champion. Stretching the truth is part of sales, but just keep that in mind when committing yourself to a product.

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