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How To Stay Fit While Living A Location Independent Lifestyle

Living a location independent lifestyle is all the rage these days. But staying in decent shape while airport and hotel hopping isn’t easy. You’re constantly eating out, sitting down for long periods, and rapidly changing time zones. The havoc on your body is more internal than visible, but it’s still havoc. Here are some ways to remain fit and spry even while constantly traveling.

Use The Streets


The pavement is your best friend, and also your cheapest friend. It’s like a really frugal best friend. Last I checked, every town has streets, and most will let you run on them. Locate the sidewalk nearest your residence and make it your own personal gym. Running at least a mile a day will do wonders for your health while you travel the world. It’s a lot easier to do than it sounds, especially since most people have smartphones that can be used to calculate distance—you can literally circles around a building if need be.

Locate Your Nearest Facilities


If weights are the name of the game for you, then locate your nearest gym. Of course this is easier when you’re in the states because of gym memberships—you’re not likely to find an LA Fitness in Bangladesh. But you can find reasonably priced facilities in most countries, and on a temporary basis rather than getting locked into a long-term membership.



Fitness isn’t always about sprinting to the moon and back. There are ways you can keep your blood flowing while also working. Sound impossible? It’s not. Transitioning from sitting to standing is a great way to stay loose and fresh at all times, and can keep you more productive. Granted, standing isn’t for everyone, but for those who can handle it it’s a convenient way to get your burn in—well, sort of.

Staying Productive Work Wise Helps Your Physical Productivity

In looking at business travelers across the board, it’s clear that physical wellness is a top priority.


Indeed, there’s a correlation between business success and physical prowess. The common ground is competition. High performing business people exude the competitive spirit on a daily basis, and it’s the reason for their success. Conversely, if you work hard to improve your physical self on the road, it will manifest in business success as well.

Cooking When Able


We saved the hardest for last. Eating while living a location independent lifestyle can be straight up tumultuous. It’s dangerous in fact! Not only can you find yourself eating too much of the wrong things, but eating out constantly is a demon on your wallet. To quell the threat, it’s important to prepare meals whenever able. Many hotels and hostels have a kitchen area, and now with the rise of Airbnbs you can easily find a residence that contains a cooking space.

Hope these pieces of advice help you live a long and fulfilling location independent lifestyle. Happy traveling!

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