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How To Conquer Fitness While Saving Tons of Money

There are many ways to achieve your fitness goals while also being on a budget. You just have to use your imagination. Ready? Let’s explore.

Groupons and other discounts

Groupon deals pop up constantly for just about any kind of workout. From yoga to cross-fit to boxing to pickleball, you can pretty much find any deal that will work within your budget. Many local facilities will also present trial offers, including at gyms and other fitness clubs.

You may also snag some great bargains on workout equipment. A great place to look is Slick

Join a Meetup group has become one of the most widely used services for connecting people into groups with similar interests. You can find groups of people who like to play tennis in the evenings, go hiking on weekends, and even meet up for beers afterwards.


The easiest thing that almost anyone can do is to walk. Last we checked, this is 100% free—aside from needing shoes. Just a simple trot up and down your block a few times will suffice. There’s no need to get too crazy, unless you are somehow training for the speed walking event at the next Olympics.

Using Stuff Around The House

Who could’ve imagined a world where you can literally workout while sitting in a chair. It’s true. There are several chest and full-body exercises that can be done while remaining seated. Yes, they involve a lot of twisting in place.

The Park

Many parks these days have an area full of exercise equipment, and it’s totally free! Yes, there are pull-up bars, monkey bars (not just for kids), and sometimes even freestanding weights. It’s not exactly Gold’s Gym but for those on a budget it’s not a bad deal.

Cheap Gym Membership

And then there’s the option of buying a gym membership. Now before you convulse and whine about how expensive these can be, do a quick Google search so you can see otherwise. For example, Planet Fitness typically only costs its members $10 a month. They even have an AdWords post claiming $1 down!

This article should remove all of your excuses for not working out. Today, it’s never been easier for those of us on a budget to finally get fit. The only obstacle in our way is our very own brain, and that can be easily pushed aside by forcing ourselves to make correct decisions.

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