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Here Are The Best Knee Braces To Keep You Stable in 2017

Knee braces have evolved with everything else in 2017. No longer are they awkward, clunky pieces of metal that weigh you down and keep you from playing your ‘A’ game. They are now made of softer, more comfortable material that contorts well with your natural leg movement while also protecting the knee from further injury. But there are also a ton of options to choose from these days, so making a decision isn’t very easy. What could be the best knee brace options for you? Here are a few.

McDavid Extended Compression Leg Sleeve


This one is less of a “brace” and more of a compression device, adding to the comfort and convenience factor. McDavid has been a leading pioneer in this emerging technology for many years and acts as full leg support. This product is a mixture of nylon and spandex, about 80/20. It’s very popular among basketball players due to its flexibility. It includes a shielded layer to prevent against contact, as well as compression to promote healing.

Bracoo Breathable Neoprene Knee Support


Still a bargain among knee braces, this one provides nice protection while costing 50 percent less than most. The Neoprene brace is perfect for those suffering joint discomfort, inflammation, arthritis, knee strains, and tendon injuries.

Mueller Jumper’s Knee Strap


Mueller’s strap is just that, a strap. But it comes with some excellent customer reviews that justify giving it a purchase. It’s specifically meant to alleviate “jumper’s knee”—keeping the knee cap stable and preventing it from shifting out of place. This device is so small that it can be hidden underneath pants or long shorts.

Knee Sleeves


Do you want your knees feeling extra snug and tight? Sleeves might be the answer. Like the popular arm sleeves you see worn by some of the top NBA players, these knee sleeves are great for trying to immobilize the knee while running or weightlifting. They will help you increase your blood circulation, support surrounding muscles, reduce potential swelling, and avoid leaving a nasty odor behind after a hard workout.

Tommie Copper Knee Sleeve


Offering a nice snug fit on the knee, Tommie Copper knows how to keep you safe and help you prevent injury. It exemplifies the 2017 knee brace technology—keeping the knee in place while not drawing attention to itself.

As discreet wear continues to grow in popularity, we can expect more offerings from brands emphasizing comfort and safety as well as simplicity.

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