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Looking For A Healthy Vacation? Try These Options

Some people like to go on vacation to avoid healthy living, but others like to use their vacation for rejuvenation. For those of you who fall under the latter category, here are some suggestions to keep you moving during your next trip.

Active Escapes


Like the combination of island living and exercise? Schedule a trip with Active Escapes. They offer trips to locations in Bali and the Maldives, two of the world’s most beautiful tropical destinations. You can stay in a 5-star hotel while taking part in some great fitness activities in the area.

The packaged deal includes a morning training session followed by a healthy lunch. Then there are numerous yoga sessions, more delicious meals, and a nighttime socializing period. Given the physical nature of this trip, it caters to a younger crowd.

Rates range from $1,500 to $3,000.



You guessed it, this is a cycling company. Dubbed the “World’s #1 Active Travel Company,” it organizes multi-sport activities across many scenic locales across Europe including Austria, France, and the Czech Republic. In North America, you can travel through the backwoods of Canada and Bermuda.

Harbor Reef Surf Hotel


The Harbor Reef Surf Hotel is great for… surfing! In fact, it was named by National Geographic as one of the top 20 surfing spots in the world. Located near Nosara, Costa Rica, the hotel is off the beaten path from the more touristy areas of the country. Even if you aren’t an avid surfer you can use this trip as an opportunity to learn the ropes.

WOD-cation and Paleo Retreat


CrossFit is the P90X of this decade, only it’s gone far beyond the 90-day window—it has truly become a way of life for so many fitness enthusiasts. In turn, a new fitness vacation market has emerged allowing CrossFitters to practice their workout regimen among friends and acquaintances. This “WOD-cation and Paleo Retreat” in Maui allows exercisers to get fit among the light blue water of the islands. Paddle-boarding is also allowed. Oh, and of course there is a CrossFit gym at your disposal. There are also daily margaritas for those of us who dabble in the fruity booze. After all, CrossFit vacations are fun right?

Any of these options can present some great fun for those looking to stay active while taking time away from work. It goes to show that even when you are in a foreign land a great workout is always close by. Most can be purchased at under $2,000.

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