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Google Calendar Will Help You Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Google Calendar is here to help you achieve your fitness goals. On Thursday, the company announced they’d be connecting Google Fit and Apple Health to your Google Calendar, making it easy to pencil in each workout during the week.


The Goals feature was introduced last year to help users reach their milestones. It’s not exclusive to fitness, this can include career, athletic, and relationship achievements.

It also encompasses the Find A Time feature for users of the web app, helping you literally find a time to workout.


This is yet another Google product that implements machine learning technology. Prior to this update, users would have to manually mark their goal as completed, oftentimes forgetting to do so. The beauty of machine-learning technology is that automates the process using the same kind of algorithm as Google’s search engine.

Google’s foray into machine-learning has been in the works for several years now. RankBrain was introduced in 2016 as a new method of search result indexing that involved AI, or artificial intelligence technology, to determine results placement.

But in the same way that RankBrain is merely one of several HUNDRED signals Google uses, it will probably use a combination of factors in its new and improved fitness scheduling.

The hope now is that you’ll actually want to get out and exercise. This unfortunately can not be machine-learned but done through repetitive reinforcement.

My recommendation for anyone looking to NOT break their fitness schedule in 2017? Plan it out at the start of every week. This means, busting out your calendar on Sunday night and ensuring that you spell out your goals for the week—and not just spell them out, but actually fit them into each time slot. Fitness is achieved only when we set aside time for it, not when we tell ourselves, “oh, I should probably work out today.” That might work every odd Thursday, but it’s not a recipe for long term success and visible results.

Your workouts shouldn’t be the only health related activity you pencil in each week. Mark in when and which meals you plan to prepare, in addition to the necessary grocery trips it’ll take to accumulate the supplies.

Don’t get tripped up in the term “new year’s resolution.” I’ve found it puts unnecessary, and imaginary pressure on something to be ‘resolved’ by 2018. Instead, you want to make it a life resolution, and that starts with using your Google Calendar to establish a routine every week.

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