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Get On Your Feet: Best Spotify Tunes For Your Next Workout

If music didn’t exist, would we ever workout? The answer is a resounding… probably not. Or we would trudge through it and be miserable, but that’s not fun! To have a successful workout it’s good to indulge in a little bit of fun, right? Thanks to Spotify, this has never been easier. Here are some of the best tunes guaranteed to power you through your sweat session.

Song: The Sun – Klingande Remix

Artist: Parov Stelar, Graham Candy

Austrian DJ and musician Parov Stelar hit this one way out of the park with his regular version of The Sun. Then Klingande came around and hit it even farther out of the park with this spectacularly upbeat remix. The beat is quick but not terribly EDM-sounding. There’s a nice blend of keyboards and synthesizers that propel the melody rather than muddle it. Most importantly, it will get you up off and the couch and into the gym better than just about anything.

Song: The Man

Artist: Aloe Blacc

This one is a bit of a change of pace from a Klingande remix, but it’s motivational nonetheless. Simply put, Aloe Blacc exudes the kind of confident swagger that you need to accomplish a successful exercise. The Man is a ‘persevere anthem’, I’m coining that phrase now, because it makes you want to overcome all obstacles that slink into your path. Also, parts of it sound a tad like a famous Elton John song. You be the judge of that though.

Song: Good Feeling

Artist: Hannah

Are you into cycling or spin? This will be the jam to get you standing up in your bike. I first heard this little number at a Crunch Fitness in West Hollywood during a spin class taught by the legend of fitness himself, Bob Harper.

Song: They Reminisce Over You

Artist: Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth

This one is what we call an oldie but a goodie. Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth released this hit in 1992, amidst the height of the underground rap movement. They weren’t as well known as N.W.A., Dr. Dre or Tupac, but they produced some great memories—mainly with this song. A legendary infusion of jazz and hip hop topped with a scintillating saxophone will keep you on the treadmill for longer.

Song: Courage

Artist: Flatfoot 56

The Chicago-based Irish punk band has many gems that will pump you up. Courage is the best though. This anthem talks about overcoming serious trials in life, mainly aimed at our grandparents who survived World War II. It also pays homage to the plight of factory workers. But not to get too deep here. It’s just a really great sounding jam. I saw them at an Irish music festival last fall and they didn’t disappoint. The band exudes energy left and right, having possibly the best stage presence of any band I’ve seen—and I’ve seen lots of Irish bands.

Here’s hoping these song recommendations make your next workout way more productive and effective. Best of luck kiddos!

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