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Why A Morning Run Will Help Stop The Hangover

Hangovers are the worst. Let’s put an end to them. But how? By doing the most painful thing imaginable. Exercise.

Recovering from a night out is one of life’s most difficult moments, but by fighting through the pain you can actually feel better more quickly. Studies show that while athletes are healthier overall than most people, they also tend to drink more. It could be that they are more social, or maybe they are just letting off exercise steam.

Doctors claim that you “cannot ‘sweat out’ a hangover,” but anecdotal evidence claims otherwise. After a night involving a fair amount of partying, the best thing I can do for myself is to get active the following morning. Maybe it’s a placebo effect, but it provides my body a reset. Like hitting the reset button on a watch when it hasn’t been working correctly.

Something helpful you can add to this regimen is a container of Gatorade. Not only does it infuse you with electrolytes and sugars to give you more energy, but it helps combat dehydration—a principal symptom of too much drinking.

Some doctors support the idea of a small workout the next morning, but others scorn at it, and at you. They point to the fact that running while hungover will increase your risk for muscle cramps and strains.

Of course we’re not advocating running a marathon under the cloud of booze, but a short jog around the neighborhood followed by a relaxing shower might do you wonders.

It’s also mental leverage on the rest of your day. When most of us wake up with a hangover, we feel worthless and we lose confidence points on the day. By picking ourselves up by our bootstraps and exercising we are re-instilling the lost confidence within.

Another great piece of advice on how to cure a hangover? Don’t great that much to begin with. Yeah, yeah, roll your eyes all you want. The truth is, not getting a hangover is less about how much you drink and more about staying hydrated. The key is to follow each shot of liquor with a glass of water, then continue drinking water until you fall asleep. You might have to wake up 11 times throughout the morning to pee, but it’s way better than having your brain in pain.

Between ample water and a little bit of coffee for the caffeine, you should be feeling rejuvenated and ready to run. It’s time to punch your hangover in the face.

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