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Midday Workouts And Red Wine Might Save Your Life in 2017

New Years resolutions are dumb. If something is that important to you, you’d change the behavior now. Putting it off until January 1st only decreases your odds of ever changing it, but that’s a rant for another time. Here’s some info about drinking and exercise that can help you make the most out of 2017.

It’s no secret that red wine has many health benefits, when used in moderation. Medical Daily.com spent 10 weeks exploring its effects on overweight mice, and the results were fascinating. When given extracts from Pinot noir grapes, the mice stored less liver fat and had lower blood sugar. Researchers concluded that ellargic acids inside a vineyard’s grapes have the power to delay the growth of fat cells and slow the development of new ones.

In addition to these fat burning effects, red wine has been known to lower the risk of heart disease and stroke as well as removing chemicals responsible for causing blood clots. A daily dose of red wine is believed to cut blood clot-related stroke rates by 50 percent.

This isn’t to suggest you should drink a bottle and a half every night, but a couple of glasses are okay.

On the flip side, you should get out and exercise… duh. But the question is always, when? One thing you might want to try is a midday workout in between your work schedule. This can provide a much needed boost in your day, acting as a type of intermission. You’ll return to the office feeling rejuvenated and ready to finish the day strong.

Coincidentally, red wine and physical exercise share some common characteristics, including resveratol—a substance produced by several plants in response to injury when under attack. This substance is also found in peanuts, cocoa powder, baking chocolate, and dark chocolate.

The heart benefits are wonderful, but a midday exercise is mostly about hitting the reset button on your day. You don’t have to go get disgustingly sweaty to feel this way—a light half mile jog can do the trick. When you return to work, you’ll find yourself feeling more confident, better focused, and more intent on doing a great job.

The U.S. Department of Health advises adults get at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise per week. This averages out to around 21 minutes each day. Of course, this doesn’t mean you HAVE to exercise everyday. For many, it’s easier to work out 45 minutes/3 days a week. Whatever fits nicest into your schedule, try it and stick with it… the “stick with it” part is something that leaves most of us by February 1st.

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