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Chrissy Teigen In An 80’s Leotard Is About To Brighten Your Day

John Legend’s model wife, Chrissy Teigen, is no stranger to fitness. If you’ve ever seen her Instagram, it’s obvious she abides by a strict regimen. Well now she’s taking her fit physique to Love Magazine.

As part of the publication’s advent calendar, Teigen is set to be featured alongside many of the world’s top Victoria’s Secret supermodels and Instagram It Girls. While this is a magazine largely purchased by women, guys now have an incentive to pick up a copy for their own fulfillment.

A few of Teigen’s other pals are featured in the magazine, including Ciara and Kim Kardashian.



The magazine originated out of the United Kingdom in 2009, and is still based there. It’s released bi-annually with a circulation of 100,000 under the parent company Condé Nast.

Leotards make for a uniquely 80’s look that we haven’t seen… well, since the 80’s. Unless you are a gymnast, a figure skater, or circus performer, you have little reason to wear one in 2016.

In the 1970’s, leotards for female gymnasts were made from polyester fabrics. Since the 1980’s, they were made from spandex. The men typically wear two layers of clothing, the first being a singlet (a sleeveless leotard) and the other a pair of short shorts or long pants.

If anyone has ever worn them, you know that leotards aren’t conducive to comfort. Hence, this is why they no longer popularized in aerobic workouts. But back in the day, it was all about the look.

Leotards originated back in the 1800’s via Jules Leotard. The French trapeze artist lived a short, yet fruitful life, popularizing that bit of wardrobe that would continue to expand in popularity. Unfortunately, Leotard died of smallpox at 32 years old, leaving him unable to see the progression of his athletic garment.

Surely, he would love to be around in 2016 to see how Chrissy Teigen puts this product on display. Chances are he never met a Norwegian, Thai mixed lady while growing up in France.

Teigen continues to amaze fans, just a few months after becoming a mother for the first time. The 31 year old is still in the prime of her modeling career, and has also become an author with the cookbook Cravings, released in February 2016.

Can’t wait to see if she makes more incredible Instagram “workout” videos in the near future. If not, it’s okay. Just as long as she continues to post to Instagram at all.

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