I Walked 6 Miles In An Austin Texas Summer For Being Cheap
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I Walked 6 Miles In The Texas Heat Because I’m Too Cheap

Summers in Texas are unforgiving and not to be handled frivolously. This is common sense, which is something I apparently lack.

On Sunday I walked a total of 9 miles through Austin, Texas for no reason other than I’m cheap.

Being part Scottish and Jewish, I am averse to spending money. If a scientist in a lab sought to create the most frugal human on earth, that person would be me. Should I have called a taxi that day? In hindsight, yes. But that requires an expenditure, and that goes against my DNA.

Austin on 4th of July weekend was a fun experience, don’t get me wrong. Especially when I was indoors. Sixth Street was abuzz at all hours of the day and night leaving plenty of options for food and drink.

My lapse in judgement came on Sunday afternoon after watching the France vs. Iceland EURO 2016 match from the Austin Ale House. 3 beverages deep and I was under the illusion I could walk the nearly 6 miles straight from the bar to my motel for a shower. Of course I failed to take into account the open air sauna I was about to embark upon.

From sixth street, I trekked up through the enormous University of Texas campus, and then a couple more miles north along Interstate 35. Life sucked. I had to stop twice for water and a Gatorade, which helped little and my phone was dead so I couldn’t call for help if things got really bad.

I’m a fairly athletic guy. It’s not like this was my first time off the couch in adverse conditions, but we don’t have humidity like this in California.

To my surprise I eventually stumbled onto the grounds of the Motel 6 where I was staying, drenched in sweat (did I mention I was lugging around my Canon camera?). I entered my room and started chugging water. It was a nice band aid to my dehydration problem but ultimately not the resolution. Light headed and weak, I passed out on my bed. A shame, since I really wanted to go out that night. But I guess my body knew best and forced me to rest. Thanks body!

The expression don’t mess with Texas is real in a myriad of ways, but the most prevalent is in regards to mother nature. The combo of July in Austin along with barley in a glass is not conducive to survival.

Happy 4th America.

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